Puzzle Pets & Pals Calendar!

We are proud to announce we have released a 2013 calendar!

The calendar highlights Autism Service dogs, and the families from the Western Pennsylvania area.  The pictures were captured in amazing black and white photos that we are excited to share.  Each one is $10, and proceeds go to the Pennies for Puppies fund, which helps gives grants and assistance to those looking to pay for Service Dogs.

Click here to order yours.  Calendars are being delivered daily.  Thanks again for your support!

Proud Day for The Foundation!

For those following our works in the foundation, one of the greatest challenges in the help Sophia provides, was the ability to bring her along to school. We felt she could be a great tool in keeping Sean and his anxiety in check, especially in such a large social environment. After many discussions we have been allowed to bring Sean’s service dog into Wexford Elementary!

We have been waiting anxiously to announce the great news, but even after the Pine Richland school district agreed to our year long request, we worked diligently to make sure this day went as smoothly as possible.

Thankfully, on Tuesday August 28th, that day arrived! 

Our many thanks to Jeff Woods at Misty Pines Dog Park, Jim & Susan Wagner at Perfect Fit Canines, and Principal Rick Walsh and the amazing staff at Wexford Elementary for making this day go from a dream for Sean, into reality.

Questions(?) and Answers(!)

Many updates and the latest news for The Sean & Sophia Foundation can be found on Facebook.  However, if you aren’t part of that community, we will provide some of the content here!

One of our more popular segments is our Q&A Tuesday blog. Every Tuesday we will answer some of the questions people have had about our experiences with Autism, Service Dogs, and life in general with Sean and Sophia.

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